Who is Vocal Synergy?

Vocal Synergy is a mixed voice a capella chorus who exists to bring people together, to elevate the human spirit, and to celebrate life through song. The group brings energy and excitement with a unique blend of a capellainterpretation of popular music under the guidance of our musical director, Kenneth Bryson.

Vocal Synergy was founded in 2021 as the first mixed voice chorus associated with the Hunterdon Choral Alliance. From singing in cars during the COVID-19 Pandemic with only a few members to now filling over 40 seats in our rehearsal space weekly, Vocal Synergy has seen record breaking growth.

When asked why they are a part of Vocal Synergy, many of our members say it’s not only the music, but also the sense of community you find when you walk in the doors. We are truly a music community focused oncollaboration, kindness, and the diversity of our members. We enjoy each other’s company and, most of all, making music for our audiences.

Why Synergy?

Because it truly defines the process of singing a capella. The word synergy means a “cooperative interaction among groups… creating an enhanced combined effect.” Vocal Synergy is focused on listening, learning, and blending with each other to form a pure sound. 

What is The Hunterdon Choral Alliance

Vocal Synergy is part of the Hunterdon Choral Alliance. The Alliance delivers programs focused on preservation of barbershop harmony as an artform, singing for our community, music education in schools, and providing free group singing lessons. Your donation funds these programs and the needs of three choruses – The Hunterdon Harmonizers, Vocal Synergy and its newest group, Allegro.

You can make a donation to support these groups on the Hunterdon Choral Alliance donation page



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